Commercial Empire with Tim Bratz

Are you looking to scale your investment portfolio? Want to build long-term wealth? Don't even know the first step to take? You're in the right place!

Multi Family Acquisitions by Nick Burton

Go through the basics of establishing buying criteria and finding & underwriting deals with Director of Acquisitions Nick Burton.

CRE Syndication by Paul & Adam Vincent

This class gives an overview of real estate syndications and some of the common ways to structure the syndicating entity.

The Ins & Outs of Self Storage by Rhino Storage Group

In this course, Deana Roush and Cindy Ashby of Rhino Storage Group teach you the ins and outs of finding, funding, operating, and cash flowing self-storage facilities.

Self-Storage Development: 5 F's to Financial Freedom by Joe Evangelisti

Everything you need to know to build your team and invest in self-storage, the number one commercial real estate asset class.

Single-Family Rentals by David B. & Katie Marie Hughes

Our class lays out our step-by-step process that allowed us to become financially free by acquiring millions of dollars' worth of single family rental properties.

Virtual Fix & Flips by Nate Hirschberg

Within this course, you will learn the basic principles of direct-to-seller marketing and how we fix and flip properties virtually.

Zero to Hero: Airbnb Investing for Beginners by Juan Carlos Morales

If you are looking to get started on Airbnb, this course is for you!

Building a Real Estate Team by Caleb Pearson

Real estate broker Caleb Pearson guides you through how to build a multi-million-dollar real estate sales team!

Starting an E-Commerce Business by Hayden Bowles

How to start and scale an e-commerce business with under $5,000!

Understanding Credit by Chris Lam

How to leverage credit to grow your business.

How You Can Be The Bank: Passive Lending by Kelli Garrett

Where are the opportunities for your business to be the "bank" instead of using traditional brick and mortar banks you see on every street corner?

Business Mindset by Pat Precourt


6 Steps to Profitable Mobile Home Park Investing by MHP Tribe

Step-by-step guide to making a profitable mobile home park investment.

Estate Planning 101 by Paul & Adam Vincent

An introductory look at estate planning, its importance and function, and the most common documents and planning tools.

How to Build an RE Empire -- Not A Job by Steve Rozenberg

Learn how to build your RE portfolio based on your goals strategy and vision of your life and not what is currently trending online.


Insurance: Protect Your Assets & Create a Backstop by Drew Maconachy

How should people protect their personal lives, families, and assets from catastrophic events (including lawsuits)? How should business owners protect their businesses through insurance and proper risk transfer?

Business Management by Gary Harper

Gary Harper, a personal & business coach for real estate investors, discusses the difference between running your business and scaling your business without losing control through leadership, process management, culture, vision, metrics, and proper communication.

Business Foundation & Hiring Best Practices -- Your Roadmap to Growth by Scott Hanis

This class will cover why it is important to have roles and responsibilities laid out, why we need job descriptions and organizational structure and goals/objectives in your business. These things will allow you to help ensure the success of talent that you bring into your organization. Finally, we will cover best practices for hiring.

How to Raise Money by Flip & Dani Lynn Robison

How do you find people who want to invest or lend money to you? How do you calculate how much you need? How do you structure the agreement and secure funds for a deal? How do you get the money? How do you manage the deal and returns to your investors? We go over all of that in this course.

Don't Be a Boss, Be the Business POwner by Steve Rozenberg

Learn the essentials of what it takes to build a business that can operate without your involvement: sales, marketing, and operations. Steve is a 25-year veteran commercial airline pilot who built, scaled, and exited one of the fastest growing PM companies in the state of Texas by using this EXACT model.

Self-Storage by Matt Wallace

How To Invest in RV Parks by Paul Larson & Jeff Guo

Financing Real Estate Deals by Chris Litzler